House ChurchThe links on this page will take you to some of the messages/discussions that are recorded from time to time at our weekly gatherings.

You’ll note that the YouTube channel where most of these appear is called House Church Talk. The reason is simple: These are not sermons, in the traditional sense of the word, but just one brother sharing from Scripture with other brothers and sisters (who oftentimes interrupt gloriously, as you’ll hear) during simple house gatherings. (If you enjoy tent-evangelism or old-style Pentecostal preaching, give it a skip – don’t torture yourself. I promise not to be offended.)

I agree with sober-minded individuals like Frank Viola and Wayne Jacobsen, who warn against making “House Church” the holy grail of everything post-denominational and non-institutional. (See here and here). But the fact remains that true ekklesia is mostly found and expressed in gatherings that take place in houses. Hence the name.

If this befuddles you, remember: Chinese people tend to be short, but being short does not make you Chinese 🙂

John 14  – Our Inheritance: Mansions in Heaven? (Notes are here)


Matthew 16:24-25 –  The Lord’s Table: Losing Your Life and Finding It


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